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Father’s Day 17 June 2018

The opinion, the attitude and the involvement of fathers and other significant men in the daily life of children has a significant impact on their future.

Fathers and significant men from the family circle have a big role for the development and the future of children with their presence, their worlds, attitude and behavior.

This year again Tulip Foundation organises together with partners and supporters events and initiatives to mark the Father’s Day in the third Sunday of June.

On Alexander Nevski square on 17 June 2018 from 11h to 13h children from all ages and their fathers, big brothers and grandfathers will be able to explore fire brigade and a police cars and equipment. Of course all mothers, girls and women are also welcome! In cooperation with Sofia Municipality we organise as a tradition Father’s Day with fire brigade cars, police vehicles, motors etc. as well as free talks with firefighters and policemen. All this is possible due to the cooperation of the respective police and fire brigade departments.

The Cinema House has announced for 17 June a series of selected movies dedicated to fathers, men’s figures in the family, spiritual teachers, who being lost or found have always had path defining role for anyone of us.

The opinion, the attitude and the participation of fathers and men have a defining impact on their future. We know that regardless of cultural, religious and social differences more and more people realise the important role that fathers, grandfathers, uncles, big brothers – all significant male figure from the family circle play for the development of children. It is known that fathers (biological, adoptive and in any other father’s role) help children to have good friendships and performance at school; good self-esteem; relations with adults of full value; less problems with behaviour and risk of drug use and most importantly – to have a good self-confidence and future.

Be part of the day! Do organise an event, reading, competition! Invite children and fathers that you work with to realise their own idea!