Father’s Day 18 June 2017
Let’s celebrate the role of the significant for children men on Father’s Day!

When children grow up they follow the everyday example and not the advices of their fathers. There is only a short time when we can show to children our world so that they live in theirs, to tell them about our dreams so that we then encourage them to follow their dreams.

Tulip Foundation organises various events and initiatives for another year to mark the Father’s Day at the third Sunday of June.

Get involved! The messages of the Day will reach more fathers, grandfathers, big brothers and children if more people and organisations get with their idea and event in the local community. And let’s not forget to thank the significant men in our lives!

We know that regardless of cultural, religious and social differences more and more people realise the important role that fathers, grandfathers, uncles, big brothers – all significant male figure from the family circle play for the development of children. It is known that fathers (biological, adoptive and in any other father’s role) help children to have good friendships and performance at school; good self-esteem; relations with adults of full value; less problems with behaviour and risk of drug use and most importantly – to have a good self-confidence and future.

Soon we are going to announce the special event organised by Tulip Foundation and Sofia Municipality to mark the Father’s Day 2017.

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