Father’s Week 2017
Tulip Foundation actively participates in father’s Week, 6-12 November 2017.

Long time ago, in the beginning of its activities in Bulgaria Tulip Foundation used to support projects for children, for mothers, for people with disabilities, for older people, for people in small settlements… We very quickly realised that children, mothers, fathers, grannies, people with disabilities, young people with difficulties ... live together in families. That’s why we support projects for families and communities. We know that fathers and other significant men from the family circle are important for the development and the wellbeing of children. They bring a role model. They are a factor for the education of children. They make a difference in non-accepting violence. They are a stronghold for children and mothers.

That’s why this year again we are actively involved in Father’s Week 2017. We encourage colleagues and partners in Sofia and around the country to participate as well with various initiatives and events. More information is available on the To be a Father Campaign web site and FB page.

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