Power of Family and Community Programme
Twenty-seven organisations will be invited by mid May 2017 to present a full project proposal.

In total 83 organisations presented their concepts for a project in the frame of The Power of Family and Community programme by 7 April 2017. All concepts were thoroughly assessed in regard to the initially announced criteria:

  • The activities are directly targeted at empowerment of children, families and communities;
  • They offer innovative approaches and methods for working in the community;
  • To be applicable in other places;
  • To demonstrate concrete and measurable practical results;
  • To be based and to stimulate participation of children and families;
  • To be implemented by a local organisation with the support and the participation of the community;
  • To be supported by the respective local authority.

On the ground of the listed criteria and the described practical experience of the organisation in working with children and families in the community twenty-seven concepts were selected that respond the best to the aim of the programme. The organisations that have presented these concepts will be individually invited by mid-May to develop a full project proposal.

The idea of the Power of Family and Community Programme is to provide support and empowerment for parents, families and communities so that they have knowledge and understanding and are able to protect in everyday life their children from violence, neglect, insufficient care and to provide them with opportunities for full development from birth.

The programme is aimed at support for children and families through encouragement and building up the capacity of families and communities to provide good care for their children.

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