Society of All Ages Campaign - International Day of Older People 1 October
Get involved so that we become “Society of all ages”!

For a ten year in a row Tulip Foundation organises “Society of all ages” campaign to mark 1 October - The International Day of Older People. The theme of the International Day of Older Persons 2017 is “Stepping into the Future: Tapping the Talents, Contributions and Participation of Older Persons in Society.”

This year’s day is about enabling and expanding the contributions of older people in their families, communities and societies at large. It focuses on the pathways that support full and effective participation in old age, in accordance with old persons’ basic rights, needs and preferences.

For a tenth successive year the team of Tulip Foundation encourages colleagues, partners and friends to engage in „Society of all ages” Campaign so that we all show together attention and respect to our mother, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers and to listen to what they have to tell us.

The aim of the campaign is to show our recognition and to praise the contribution of our mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers to our society. We know that the daily life of the elderly people in often difficult, but the most difficult is to cope with loneliness, isolation, lack of understanding and respect.

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