European Day of Solidarity between Generations, 29 April 2017
Many organisations and people from all ages took part in the European Day of solidarity between generations in Bulgaria.

They were involved in various local initiatives in the days around 29 April like meetings, concerts, games and competitions, discussions, performances, visits, etc. All these events include the themes of continuity, respect and connections between people in the family, in professional life and the society.

That is precisely the aim of the campaign – to encourage various joint events of people from all generations that riming us how important mutual understanding, respect and solidarity between people are in today’s world. Tulip Foundation organised the campaign for a ninth successive year.

29 April was announced a European day of Solidarity between Generations in 2008 with the aim to draw the attention of the society to the need of adequate policies for older people in the EU. Solidarity between generations plays a key role in the development of fair and sustainable responses to the major economic and social challenges that the EU is facing nowadays. Solidarity between generations is in nature sustainable development.

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