Project of the Year 2016 Awards
The Project of the Year 2016 Awards were announced at a public ceremony at the Literature Club Peroto at the National Palace of Culture.

The event brought together many representatives of the nominated projects and guests. Anna Angelova from the morning cultural block of the National television told the history of the competition and the awards. The three equal awards are given away for a twelfth successive year. They are especially made by the prominent Bulgarian artist Georgi Capkanov.

Maria Petkova from Tulip Foundation congratulated the teams of the all organisations whose projects were nominated. She presented and congratulated for their commitment the members of the jury - well known professionals who are also socially engaged.

Special guest was HE Tom van Oorschot, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. He congratulated Tulip Foundation for the initiative and the civil organisations in Bulgaria for their efforts and persistence.

Sevda Shishmanova, Programme Director of the Bulgarian National Television spoke emotionally about one of the awarded projects. Nikola Dobrev, Chair of the Board of Directors of KCM 2000 Group, told why he finds the project “Support a family” of Karin Dom Foundation for very important and excellent. The colleagues from Karin Dom Foundation and SG Express Bank Bulgaria received the award and spoke about their partnership in support for families with children with special needs.

Kamelia Velichkova, Head of Department Communication and coordination at DSK Bank, presented the project „Labour practice – trainings in labour and social skills for young people with intellectual difficulties” run by Maria’s World Foundation. Vladimir Penkov from Penkov, Markov and partners and board member of Tulip Foundation, spoke about the civil organisations and the people. They congratulated the representatives of the organisation who told about their work.

Dr. Krassimira Chemishanska, General Manager of Amgen Bulgaria and President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria, shared her impressions from the project “One school for all” run by the Centre for Inclusive Education.  Venislav Iotov, General Manger of AIG Bulgaria and board member of Tulip Foundation, spoke about the significance of the projects, which change people and their lives. They gave away the award to the representatives of the centre, who presented the sense and the aim of their efforts.

This year Tulip Foundation announced a special award. It was given to Ronald van der Giessen, director of Oranje Fonds, for a long term partnership and friendship. The members of the board of the foundation assured him that the mission of the organisation is in good hands.

The event continued with a glass of wine raised in appreciation for those who received an award, for those whose projects have been nominated in this year’s competition Project of the Year and all those who work every day so that the life of others is better and Bulgaria is a better place to live.

Twenty two projects from around the country were nominated for Project of the Year 2016 competition. Seven of these are implemented in cities, eleven projects are realised in Sofia and five in various towns and villages. One of the projects is implemented in partnership with 6 local organisations in various settlements; another is run on an international level. The projects are nominated by civil originations and partners, volunteers, parents and relation of children, student’s clubs, community clubs, members of municipal councils and citizens who have participated in activities.

Tulip Foundation launched the competition for the best projects of the year 2016 twelfth time in the end of the last year. This competition is an answer to the fact that each year in Bulgaria are realised numerous interesting and innovative projects, planned and implemented with care for the people. Each of these projects is been made possible by active and searching people who have committed themselves to its successful implementation with responsibility and professionalism. Civil organisations that have been implementing projects aimed at improving the living conditions, opportunities and quality of life of groups or communities in disadvantaged position have been invited to participate in the competition. Projects implemented in towns, cities and villages were welcome regardless of the project budget, source of funding, scale of operation, type of activity or beneficiaries.

As each year the nominated projects were evaluated on the basis of: achieved results, sustainability of the project activities, financial efficiency, participation of the target groups and the local communities, innovative services and the possibilities for implementing the project in other areas of the country. 

The best projects were selected by a jury with members Violina Marinova, Chair of the Board and CEO of DSK Bank; Nikola Dobrev, CEO of KCM 2000 Group; Sevda Shishmanova, Programme Director of the Bulgarian National Television, Manol Peikov, Publisher Publishing House Janet 45, Dr. Krassimira Chemishanska, General manager of Amgen Bulgaria and President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria and Miroslav Borshosh, Executive director of the National Palace of Culture.

The Project of the Year 2015 competition is organised with the support of the National Palace of Culture and the media partnership of Bulgarian National Television, Capital weekly, Capital Daily and the Informational Portal of NGOs.

The awards in the media:

Bulgarian National Television, central news, 12 April 2017, (after 16 min.)

Project of the Year Awards at Small Stories Programme at BNT

Bulgarian National Radio, 12 April 2017

Informational Portal of NGOs, 13 April 2017

Bulgarian Donor’s Forum, 13 April 2017

Project of the Year 2016 Awards

Project of the Year 2016 - Nominations


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