Volunteers help refugees to speak Bulgarian and to adapt to the cultural environment in Bulgaria
Individual meetings between young volunteers and young refugees are taking place in the frame of Talk With Me Project

After the organised trainings for two groups of volunteers in the frame of Talk with me Project the young language mentors developed ten themes for a series of meetings and talks. These are in response to the identified interests of the refugees that we met and spoke with. The themes are visualized with recent photos of the city, links, pictures and drawings aimed at helping the young refugees to understand and speak Bulgarian language and to get oriented easier in their daily life in Bulgaria. We organised the first joints meetings for mentors and refugees to get to know each other in July with the support of Caritas Sofia.

The individual meetings of young people started right after that. The aim is to support the refugees so they are able to adapt to the language and cultural environment in Bulgaria. The young volunteers and refugees will have ten meetings and each time they will discuss a different theme.

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