Celebrating the role of Fathers
20 June - Father’s Day 2021

In the beginning of summer, we celebrate Father’s Day. On this day we appreciate the support, protection, precious time, games and serious conversations. We also remind ourselves that when growing up children do not follow the advices of their parents, but their role models that they have observed in the family. Millions of people mark Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June more than 100 years.

Tulip Foundation organised the traditional public event on Alexander Nevski square in cooperation with Sofia Municipality. On Sunday 20 June for some 3 hours hundreds of children, their fathers, grandfathers, uncles, big brothers, mothers and other family members explored special police dogs, cars, jeeps, motors, fire brigade automobile. Children played in and took pictures on motors, police and fire brigade cars. They learned about life and the tasks of the police dogs. They sprayed water from the fire brigade car and found out how this big and complicated machine works. Some tried the alarm sounds and lights of the police technics, the police helmets and shields.

The event was organised with the special cooperation of Sofia Fire Brigade, Sofia Directorate of Internal Affairs and Directorate Security.

We thank all colleagues from the police and the fire brigade who turned the day into a celebration for hundreds of children and parents!

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