European Day of Solidarity between Generations, 29 April 2019
Solidarity between generations is mutual support, joy and a condition for sustainable development!

Tulip Foundation launches a campaign for the European Day of Solidarity between Generations. We started this initiative 10 years ago when the date 29 April was dedicated to the solidarity between people from different generations.

We learn about and understand the world from parents and grandparents, from teachers, coaches and lecturers, from friends and colleagues. That’s what we pass on to our children, grandchildren, students. Solidarity between generations has many various forms but the sense is one and the same - to live well together, to share with others what we know and can, and to rely on them for what we still don’t know and are not able.

We invite you to join the national campaign for the European Day of Solidarity between Generations. Our aim is to encourage and organise various joint initiatives of people from all generations and to bring the attention of the society on the importance of continuity, understanding, respect and solidarity among people. Tens of organisations around the country will participate in the campaign.

Join us! Let’s together be a part of the European Day of Solidarity between Generations - 29 April 2019!

You may organise an event for the people you work with, children and young people, the local community, friends, colleagues, partners, students, and teachers. It is important that the theme of solidarity between generations in presented in a comprehensive, easy to understand and interesting way for all participants.  You may plan:

  • Various events where people from different ages meet, talk, tell stories or discuss together the links and relations among generations;
  • Joint initiatives for children, youth and older people like concerts, competitions, exhibitions, sport events, music and dance performances, cultural or traditional events;
  • Meetings and discussions with artists, interesting people, representatives of local authorities, local civil organisations and the local community to debate different forms of solidarity and cooperation between generations, successful examples of social inclusion;
  • Other interesting ideas you that you have.

To be together part of the European Day we invite you to send us short information about the event and a few pictures to by 8 May 2019.


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