Tulip Foundation publishes a new document for social impact in Bulgarian language.
The Principles of Good Impact Reporting kelp civil organisations and social enterprises to present the change they bring to the society, the donors, and the volunteers.

In the beginning of the year most civil organisations and social enterprises prepare their reports on the activities and the achievements for the previous year. Charities and social enterprises that hope to engage, inform and inspire their stakeholders try to communicate clearly the impact of their work. Every social organisation – from local groups run by volunteers to national charities employing thousands of staff, all social organisations should tell their stakeholders how they are fulfilling their purpose and achieving the change that they seek.

Good impact reporting helps beneficiaries, volunteers, donors, funders and other supporters understand and engage with an organisation. It also helps staff and trustees focus on results and work to achieve their vision. An organisation that is able to establish and explain its impact will have a strong foundation both for communicating its work, and also managing it to achieve the greatest possible impact.

That’s why we translated and present a short document with the Principles of Good Impact Reporting. This document sets out Principles of Good Impact Reporting, to help charities and social enterprises tell their own story about impact. The very essence of existence of civil organisations is the change they work for. Associations, foundations, clubs, charity organisations, social enterprises are created with a defined goal. The social impact includes the effects for direct and indirect beneficiaries of project or the activities of an organisation, its team, other organisations, policies, practices, and legislation.

See also Code of Good Impact Practices, Funders’ principles and drivers of good impact practice and the Seven Principles of Social Value, that we made available for civil organisations in Bulgarian language during the last year.

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