Second Marketplace in Sofia, 25 June 2013
Second annual Marketplace took place at the Grand Foyer of the Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski on 25 June. The marketplace brought together business and civil organisations from Sofia who found numerous practical opportunities for mutual cooperation in trading goods, services, materials, contacts and voluntary work.

The Marketplace as realized by Tulip Foundation in cooperation with Bulgarian Industrial Association, Business Park Sofia, Bulgaria Donor’s Forum and with the support of Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski. The Marketplace was organized on a fully volunteer base by people from different sectors each of whom had a concrete task. Luba Yordanova, journalist at Capital newspaper led the event, volunteers from Engels foundation were the “notaries”, Boryana Kirilova and Angelina Ivancheva from Bulgarian Donor’s Forum were the brokers who helped participants to get in contact. The young volunteers from Positive 365 Foundation met the guests and help them in registering. 

Maria Petkova from Tulip Foundation announced the beginning of the marketplace which lasted for about an hour. The participants got to know each other, shared contacts and information for available and needed resources, suggestions and ideas for mutual cooperation. After the final ring of the gong Luba Yordanova announced the results – in total 36 formally signed agreements. In addition to these many more dates and deals have been agreed to take place in the following days.

The signed deals include expertise and consultations for architectural solutions, career development, advertising strategies and project proposals; dissemination of information among networks and contacts; accounting services; PR and advertising; volunteer work; team building management; provision of halls, shared offices, equipment, furniture, medicines, statutory etc.

Some of the participants already have experience with marketplace in Sofia, others got involved for a first time. Positive 365 Foundation, Bulgarian Organisation for Voluntary Blood Donation and Ecoforum for Sustainable development signed the biggest number of agreement among the civil organisations. 

Most active business organisations were Interamerican and Alfa Finance Holding who took part for a second year and Sibir Balkan OOD.

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