Trainings for civil organisations in Russe, Pazardjik and Plovdiv in the frame of the Marketplace for projects and ideas Project

Market Place Project are planned for February and March. These will take place as follows:

Russe - 24 February 2011 (Thursday), 9.30 - 17 h, Round Hall of Russe Municipality
Pazardjik - 10 March 2011 (Thursday), 9.30 - 17 h, Ustrem Hall of Youth House
Plovdiv – 11 March 2011 (Friday), 9.30 - 17 h, Plovdiv City Council Hall

The aim of the training is to encourage effective cooperation between the business and the civil sectors in the municipality by providing the participants with a practical instrument. The trainings in the three cities are taking place with the support of the respective municipality.

The participants will get to know the practical organisation of a market place; the formulation of a good proposal to the business, based on demand and supply. An educational film for the market places in Germany will be shown. The film is produced by Bertelsmann Foundation. Tulip foundation has a special permission to use it in Bulgaria.

The participants will receive a practical manual with useful advices and successful examples of cooperation of civil and business organisations. The manual has been developed in the Netherlands by a team of civil organisations and companies and is aimed at promoting cooperation.

Civil organisations that are interested in having a participant in the training are invited to send a filled application form to by 21 February for Russe and before 7 March for Pazardjik and Plovdiv.

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