Public meeting for presentation of the projects and organisations funded in the frame of the Programme for support for children and families in the community aimed at prevention of child institutionalisation, 15 December 2009, Sofia
Tulip Foundation and Oak Foundation presented the Programme for Support for Children and Families in the Community Aimed at Prevention of Child Institutionalisation and the first supported projects and organisations at a public meeting on 15 December 2009.

Valentina Simeonova, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and Nadya Shabani, Chair of the State Agency for Child Protection presented the governmental policy and underlined that the initiative of the two partner foundations is importance and timely. Representatives of civil organisations, media and guests were present. The event took place with the support of FairPlay International. 

Representatives of Partnership Association, Varna; Health and Social Development Foundation, Sofia, Knowledge Association, Lovetch; Pleven Public Fund Chitalishte; Russe Catholic Organisation Caritas and NGO Club, Targovishte received their grant letters. 

The programme for support for children and families in the community aimed at prevention of child institutionalisation aims to stimulate the development of good practices in working with children and families in the community; early identification and intervention in cases of risk; raising the number and the scope of services and the support systems for children who are at risk of being placed in institutions because of various reasons like poverty, impossibility or insufficient capacity of the parents to take care of them; violence in the family; dropping out or difficulties at school; behavioural problems; disabilities etc. The programme is realised in partnership as an example of combining resources and efforts for reaching better effectiveness and sustainability.

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