Parenthood Without Violence
Preparation for a conversation with parents and families about violence against children, its impact and prevention

In cooperation with PULS Foundation we organise series of trainings on positive parenting. The teams of local organisations that implement the Sure Start Programme in Targovishte, Varna, Sofia, Kustendjil, Gorno Cerkovishte, Karlovo, Filipovci, Gorna Oriahivitsa etc. learned about the types of violence against children, its impact on children and the ways to prevent it in their work with children and parents.

The aim is to help collegues to acquire understanding and skills in their direct work with children and families to have this quite difficult sometimes cnversation about violence against children, sexual volence and exploatation, bulling and the role of parents. Because parents are the people who have most significant role in protecting their children.

The first two training sessions took place online in early April. The training will continue with two more sessions at the end of the month. It is being made possible in the frame of The Art of Changing Project with the support of Oak Foundation and the Bulgarian Family Planning and Sexual Health Association.

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