Peoject of the Mont July 2013 - Setting up of a centre for information and social contacts for older people at Chitalishte Svetlina 2010 in Polyanovo village, Harmanli municipality
Chitalishte Svetlina 2010 Polyanovo Village, Harmanli Municipality

The aim of the project was to create a centre providing access to computers and Internet where older people from the village would be included in the cultural and social life and get support in leaning how to use modern technologies and work with internet as well as to encourage dialog between generations by attracting young people and children as volunteers. 

The renovation and the equipment of the premises didn’t last a long time. The centre was re-pained with the help of volunteers and equipped with the necessary tables, chairs, computers and TV set. We set up a time table for the activities of the centre in accordance with the free tome of the older people and the volunteers. These are young people and children from the village who volunteer and show to the older generation how to surf in Internet, how to easy find the needed information, how to use Skype, Facebook etc. some of the older people get in contact with their grandchildren abroad and were very proud for being able to do so by themselves. 

The centre is open every day and has turned into a place for meetings in the village. In addition to using Internet people have access to the daily newspapers, celebrations are organised and drama performances with the participation of the older and younger volunteers took place. 

The centre will continue to develop as one the activities of the Chitalishte. The established group of older people is open for more new members who also want to learn how to use computer. All children and youth from the village have unlimited access to the centre. 

Chitalishte Svetlina 2010 Polyanovo Village
Antonia Geneva 
6464, Polyanovo village 
Harmanli municipality 
Haskovo region 
Tel. +359 878 567 055 

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