A visit of representatives of national media to families and projects supported by Tulip Foundation, villages of Balvan and Velchevo, 12 November 2008
Tulip Foundation invited representatives of national media to visit families taking part in the Pass on the Gift Programme in the Veliko Turnovo municipality.

The meeting was hosted by the Dedovi and the Akifovi families, the mayors of the villages Balvan and Velchevo, Radoslav Hristov and Mustan Yusmenov, representatives of the local associations St Ivan Rilski and St George and Veliko Turnovo municipality.

The group of journalists and photographers had the opportunity to visit other projects funded by Tulip Foundation in the area as well. In the village of Velchevo they visited the Centre for administrative services at the local Chitalishte, Svetlina 1892, which offers administrative and information services to the people from this remote village. The centre also provides computer training, consultancy and lectures. An ethnographic exhibition has also been set up at the Centre presenting a variety of authentic everyday life objects, traditional costumes as well as exquisite laces typical for the region.

In the village of Balvan the media representatives visited the Home for Elderly People, which is a model of social services in the community implemented with the joint efforts of a local civil organisation and the municipality. The visit ended at the Social Centre of the community providing various activities for children, elderly people, women and other groups in the community among which fitness facilities, meeting space, a cinema, a museum exhibition and a computer room.

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