Working Meeting, Pass on the Gift Programme, Pleven 23 February 2010
A working meeting with 28 families from the villages Koilovci, Opanec, Iassen, Brashlisnitza, Telish, Mechka and Radishevo in Pleven municipality took place in Pleven on 23 February 2010.

The meeting was organised by Tulip Foundation in cooperation with Pleven Public Fund Chitalishte and the local community clubs in the villages in the frame of Pass on the Gift Programme. Representatives of community clubs and mayors of more then 10 villages in the municipality attended as well. 

The aim of the training was to support the families that participate in the programme by providing relevant information about various opportunities for farmers and individuals caring for animals at home; subsidies, changes in the legislation concerning cattle-breeding and the practical impact of these changes. 

Magardich Hulian, agricultural expect at the European Institute Foundation presented a few EU programmes and the respective requirements. He answered a number of questions from the participants. The present mayors of villages were very active. 

Boriana Parvanova, project manager at Habitat Bulgaria presented the existing programmes of Habitat. She outlined the possibility for a new programme especially designed to face the needs of the families participating in the Pass on the Gift Programme of Tulip Foundation. 

The participants also talked about the coming European Day of Solidarity between Generations and the numerous initiatives planed in different villages. The very implementation of the Pas on the Gift Programme in most families is a form of an everyday solidarity between generations. 

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