Project of the Month December 2009 - Establishment of a children’s corner at Open Door Crisis Centre for victims of violence, Pleven
Open Door Crisis Centre for victims of violence, Pleven

The goal of the project was to equip a room and a play ground in the garden for daily activities with children, placed and visiting the Open Door Crisis Centre. The creation of a programme for games, education and therapeutic activities as well as various sessions with the children victims of violence in especially designed premises contributes to strengthen the emotional and mental health of the children. 

A room on the second floor of the Open Door Crisis Centre has been renovated. The premise has been equipped with children’s toys and educational materials appropriate for the different age groups of children. Children’s play ground has been created in the yard of the Centre. The team of the Open Door Centre developed a programme for working with children, victims of violence and children of women – victims of violence, who are temporarily accommodated at the Crisis Centre. The programme is being implemented in parallel with the family consultations for the parents of the children thus leading to more successful copping with the model of violence in the family. 

Within the last six months of the project realisation in total 22 children have been accommodated at the Centre for different periods of time. Eight of the children have been under 7 years of age, eight other children have been under 14 years of age and 6 children have been over 14 years of age. In total 14 children have been placed in the centre because of systematic physical and emotional violence at home and neglect from their parents. Eight children have been placed at the Centre because of sexual violence and trafficking. 

The programme for work with children victims of violence continues to be implemented at the Open Door Crisis Centre. It is developed and adapted according to the individual needs of every accommodated child. 

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