Project of the Month August 2005 - Protected housing for people with mental disabilities, Dryanovo
Association of Mentally and Physically Handicapped People – Dryanovo

The Association develops a programme for protected housing for women with mental difficulties since 2004. The project is a result of the long term involvement of the Association with 12 women with mental disabilities living in the social institution with some 150 women with psychiatric disorders in Radovci village. The reasons that encouraged the team to develop this project are the bad living conditions in the social institutions as well as the lack of adequate care for these 12 women who happened to be placed in a social institution for women with psychiatric problems.

The project has two implementation stages. During the first stage the Association bought two houses in Careva livada village near Dryanovo. One of these is fully renovated and furnished with everything necessary for living in a family environment. The garden is also arranged with flowers, vegetables and green areas. Five women are moved to this house since June 2005 together with a team of specialist providing them with the necessary care and services. The team includes a psychologist, social worker, special paedagogist and two work therapists. The running costs of the protected house are included in the budget of Municipality of Dryanovo for 2005.

At the moment the Association is focused on the renovation of the second protected house, which is due to be ready by October 2005. With the additional support of the Irish Association of People with Mental Difficulties the protected home should be furnished and adapted for another 8 women. The Municipality has expressed the commitment to include the running costs of the two protected houses in the municipal budget for 2006.

Association of Mentally and Physically Handicapped People – Dryanovo

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