Project of the Month April 2009 - The young people together – outreach programme for prostitutes and drug addicts, Sliven
Thirst for Life Association

The goal of the project was to work with young prostitutes and drug addicted people to prevent the dissemination of HIV/AIDS and sexually transferred diseases as well as to strengthen the cooperation with the state institutions dealing with these problems. 

The project activities were implemented by two teams composed of field-worker and two volunteers. The teams have been engaged three times a week with dissemination of informational materials, condoms and lubricants among youth with risk behaviour, informal talks with them, conduction of medical-service  onsultations and directing youngsters to have free blood tests for HIV/AIDS and other sexually transferred diseases. As a part of the project a car has been purchased for the implementation of the planned project activities. The project team has made over 3500 contacts with young people with risk behaviour during the whole period of the project. The total number of reached and registered young male and female prostitutes is 92. Some 9 800 condoms, 800 hygienic towels, 1400 sets of hypodermic needles and syringes have been distributed. In total 81 people have been directed to health services and consultations with medical specialists. 127 youngsters with risk behaviour have been conveyed to the Regional Laboratory Sliven for examinations.

During the year 2009 the programme will be extended thus reaching the neighbouring town of Yambol. 

Thirst for Life Association 
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