Project of the Month May 2013 - Move with the times
Chitalishte Pouka – 1920, Ledenik village

The aim of the project was to establish and to get functioning on a daily basis an informational centre for administrative and social services in Ledenik village which provided free access to information, computer services and internet to all inhabitants in the village. 

The renovation of the premises was accomplished with the help of pensioners and young people from the clubs in Ledenik village. The people from the local community also participated in the transportation of the new technical equipment. The secretary of the community club is now engaged with delivery of different services provided at the chitalishte centre. 

The informational centre was officially opened by Daniel Panov, Mayor of Veliko Tarnovo Municipality and Pencho Penchev, Regional governor. Some 4-5 people visit the centre every day with their different needs. The older people receive assistance in dealing with documents, contacts with various institutions and finding relevant information on Internet. People can also find various information and forms needed, applications and documents filled and printed as well as they can send any information or documents by electronic mail at the centre. Dead announcements and other announcements are designed and printed. The inhabitants of the village are very satisfied with the services delivered as these allow them to safe a lot of time and money. 

The centre continues to function and to provide services to all the people in the village after the formal end of the project and the running costs are covered by the chitalishte. 

Chitalishte Pouka – 1920 
Radka Marinova 
5049 Ledenik village 
Veliko Tarnovo Municipality 
Tel. +359 896 754 341


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