Support from the people of Berkovitsa
At the end of last year, the ladies at the local Association Leaders of the Bulgarian National Revival in Berkovitsa read the bulletin of Tulip Foundation and decided that everyone can help children in need.

Thus they started an action to support children and their families. They have written by hand short announcements where and when they collect donations and disseminated these around the town. In a few days only tens of local citizens have responded and collected a substantial amount clothing, shoes, toys and blankets. In the beginning of February we visited Berkovitsa and met the goodhearted members of the local association. We received the donations aimed for the Trust in Children and Family Programme. The in-kind support will be distributed among needy families in the villages of Biala Slatina Municipality with the cooperation of the local partner 1 June Association. Tulip Foundation donated a computer set to the association.

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