Annual Volonteurope Conference Active Citizens for Sustainable Development and Global Justice, Seville, 28-30 October 2015
Organised in partnership with the Spanish member Alianza por la Solidaridad in the context of EYD2015 the conference was focused on the role of civil society in promoting sustainable development and global justice.

The 24th Annual Volonteurope Conference Active Citizens for Sustainable Development and Global Justice took place in Seville from 28 to 30 October 2015. Maria José Sánchez Rubio, Junta de Andalucía; Miriam Diaz, Ayuntamiento de Sevilla; Rafaela Caballero Andaluz, Universidad de Sevilla; Oonagh Aitken, Volonteurope and Juan Manuel Eguiagaray, Alianza por la Solidaridad spoke at the official opening of the conference.

Ana Rosa Alcalde from the hosting organisation Alianza por la Solidaridad shared her vision about Setting the Scene: Making the Post-2015 Development Agenda Work. A number of thematic roundtables brought together participants around important current issues of Europe and the world.
Other plenary sessions included the themes of International Volunteering and the Role of Local Government; Volunteering as an Expression of International Solidarity; Local Organisations Working with Volunteers: Challenges for Global Citizenship, etc.

The 9th Active Citizens of Europe Awards that celebrate individuals and collectives that have made outstanding contributions to sustainable development and global justice were officially announced at the conference. This year’s winners are Altin Prenga (Business Category), Iran Academia (Civil Society Organisation Category) and Yvonne Wilson (Individual Category).

The recent report on Mobilising Citizens for Global Justice, with contributions from experts in the field, including the Red Cross EU Office, Peace Brigades International and Social Platform was also launched during the conference.

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