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Voluntary Initiative 2021 Competition

Tulip Foundation and National Alliance for Voluntary Action (NAVA) announce the traditional annual competition for the most interesting and effective voluntary initiatives in Bulgaria.

We organise the competition annually more than 10 years as we know that volunteers change lives and they deserve support and recognition. Organisations and groups that have organised voluntary initiatives during the year, regardless place and period of realisation, aim and organisation of actions, sources of funding, number and age of volunteers, are invited to participate. Every good initiative deserves recognition!

Nominated initiatives will be evaluated on the basis of their results, importance for local community, number and involvement of participants, impact of the initiative for capacity development of organisation’ volunteers and team, financial effectiveness. The best initiatives will be praised with a special certificate and award in the form of investment in the development of the volunteers and the organisation.

Initiatives can be nominated by organisations and individuals by sending a filled nomination form to mgeorgieva@tulipfoundation.net by 15 November 2021.

The full list of nominated initiatives will be presented on the Internet sites of Tulip Foundation and NAVA.

The awards will be announced at a public ceremony on the occasion of the International Day of Volunteers in the first days of December 2021.

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