Social Impact Analysis in Bulgaria


Social Impact Analysis is a process of identification and prediction of future consequences of activities that are planed and/or implemented in the present. It is an instrument for practical achievement of long term goals like social inclusion, effective services, quality education, preserved environment, good legislation.

As an initiative of Tulip Foundation a SIA group was established in Bulgaria in 2013 as a forum for sharing information and practices in cooperation with the Social Value International (SIAA).


Last news

EVPA’s guidance and the Social Value International’s principles for measurement and management of impact

During the first months of the year many venture philanthropy organisations, social investors and civil organisations and social enterprises prepare their reports for the achievements during the previous year and discuss their plans, objectives and activities for the current year.

The guidance of EVPA for impact management Principles of Social Value International (SVI) are in many ways interlinked. The Impact Management Principles document which is now available in Bulgarian language, presents the position of EVPA and SVI on impact measurement and management. It is practically oriented and developed for the needs of different types of organisations that are aiming defined social impact.

See also Principles of Good Impact Reporting, Code of Good Impact Practice, Funders’ principles and drivers of good impact practice and the Seven Principles of Social Value, that we made available for civil organisations in Bulgarian language during the previous years.

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