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Father’s Day 2021

A father protects children.

After Children’s Day, Mother’s Day and Family’s Day millions of people mark Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June.

The conversation about the role and the place of the father in the life of children is especially timely for the Bulgarian society. Statistic shows that more children are raised by a single parent and the family models are changing. In most social and educational establishments like kindergartens, schools, centres for health and social care the male role model most often is missing. At the same time, we know from scientific research that the active presence in care for children is highly satisfactory both for men and for children. It influences positively the atmosphere and the relation in the family.

This year Father’s Day is on 20 June. Tulip Foundation organises the traditional event on Alexander Nevski square. Children, their fathers, grandfathers, big brothers, uncles, mothers are invited on Sunday from 11.00h to 14.00h to explore special police animals, automobiles, jeeps, motors, fire brigade automobile etc. Policemen and firefighters will talk with them about their work – to protect the life and safety of citizens in the city. The event is organised with the special cooperation of Sofia MunicipalitySofia Fire Brigade and Sofia Police.

We encourage our partners and colleagues to organise their initiatives for children and fathers. To be a father is the best strength!