Days of Good Deeds


With the Days of Good Deeds campaign during the last week of May each year we aim to encourage more and different people to get involved as volunteers in various initiatives and events in their towns, villages and neighborhoods as well to demonstrate the role and the power of volunteers.

With some support and their own efforts people can realise their ideas and change lives and opportunities for themselves, their children and families, their friends and neighbours, their communities. There are so many and interesting ways for each of us to participate, to help, to become part of life of other people, to make together with change one wants to see.

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Support for volunteer initiatives for the people of Ukraine

This spring the good deeds began spontaneously provoked by the biggest evil – the war. Hundreds of volunteers in tens of towns are organising actions in support for the thousands of children and families affected by the war in Ukraine.

We know that volunteers are the first to react in times of difficulties and crisis. They plan and provide the timeliest and most adequate support and solutions. That’s why we encourage and support the efforts of volunteers.

Tulip Foundation provides additional support for initiatives of volunteers for the people of Ukraine. Civil organisations with voluntary initiatives are invited to present their small project. Applications are to be sent to Funding is up to 300 BGN and is expected to be directly linked to the activities of the volunteers.

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