Days of Good Deeds


With the Days of Good Deeds campaign during the last week of May each year we aim to encourage more and different people to get involved as volunteers in various initiatives and events in their towns, villages and neighborhoods as well to demonstrate the role and the power of volunteers.

With some support and their own efforts people can realise their ideas and change lives and opportunities for themselves, their children and families, their friends and neighbours, their communities. There are so many and interesting ways for each of us to participate, to help, to become part of life of other people, to make together with change one wants to see.

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The volunteers bring excitement and change in the community.

May came with sunshine and good mood after long months with cold weather and restrictions due to COVID-19. We all feel that it is time for a change, for something new, different that connects us with other people. Volunteering is the answer! Volunteers are the driving force behind social, cultural, ecological, educational initiatives. They know many and interesting ways to help, to be part of other people’s life. They start the change they want to see.


Organisations from around the country that have experience in working with volunteers – plan new initiatives, support a new cause, start a new activity or repeat something usual in a new way, engage new volunteers and show the people how exciting it is to volunteer.

Organisations that have not yet worked with volunteers – this is a great opportunity to attract new supporters, to get additional support, to show to the people in your community how important and interesting your work is, to demonstrate the abilities and the skills of the people that you work with. Organise a joint initiative with a local school, NGO, club; get in contact with colleagues who are experienced in working with volunteers.

Volunteers from all ages - get involved in a new or traditional initiative; support a new cause; invite new volunteers to join you; organise a group of friends, colleagues or family to start a new initiative together; think of people or local school, club, library that have real needs but no one yet supports them.

People who have not been volunteers yet - find out if your children, friends or colleagues do volunteer and support them; get involved in activities they volunteer; find an interesting initiative in your place take part in it; look for a local NGO which recruits volunteers and support it; design your own initiative and invite friends and family to make it happen together.

Schools, community clubs, kindergartens, libraries, clubs, centres - there are so many opportunities – discuss the needs of children and people in your organisation, town or neighbourhood and plan a new initiative; organise traditional spring activity, look for support from young people, parents, students, local NGOs, business, get in contact with other organisations in your place and check what they need and how can you support them; plan a joint event.

Business organisations – that is an excellent chance to show concern about people in your place and to engage employees for a few hours – plan a volunteer initiative; get in touch with an NGO and help them as volunteers; support a local initiative with materials, goods or services; offer drinks, snacks or awards to the volunteers; inform your employees about the Days of the Good Deeds in your town or community.



  • The Days of the Good Deeds include various initiatives of local organisations aimed directly at people, their needs and abilities around the country. They are an opportunity for organisations and people who are ready to realise their idea as an answer to a local need or a way to start or change something that matters;
  • The initiatives are planned and implemented by local organisations. People themselves decide what is important for them and what they need, what and how they are going to organise, they find the best solution select the date and the way to implement it, and they participate.
  • The activities are very different – educational, cultural, social, sportive etc. They are aimed at people from all ages with the participation of volunteers from all ages.
  • The initiatives are realised during the last week of May – 25 to 31 May 2021.


Get involved in the Day of the Good deeds in the last week of May so that we show the role and the power of volunteers.

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