Days of Good Deeds


With the Days of Good Deeds campaign during the last week of May each year we aim to encourage more and different people to get involved as volunteers in various initiatives and events in their towns, villages and neighborhoods as well to demonstrate the role and the power of volunteers.

With some support and their own efforts people can realise their ideas and change lives and opportunities for themselves, their children and families, their friends and neighbours, their communities. There are so many and interesting ways for each of us to participate, to help, to become part of life of other people, to make together with change one wants to see.

Last news

Days of the Good Deeds 2021.

This spring again local organisations in cities and villages – from Targovishte to Vidin and from Dolni Vadin to Varbitsa, became part of the Days of the God Deeds. During the last week of May, they organised their various volunteer initiatives to respond to needs and dreams of children, parents and older people in their places. Tulip Foundation supported some of these volunteer activities, other were realised with local resources.

No matter how different the initiatives were one thing united them all – the motivation and the voluntary work of people to improve the living environment, to be part of the change they wanted to see.

This year the Good Deeds Days took place with the support of STREAMER.BG, who help various types of events to be widely publicized via life streaming for 12 years now.

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