Small Projects in Areas Affected by the Floods


The programme was designed as a one time granting scheme and was especially aimed at civil organisations and chitalishta in towns and villages affected by the floods. The programme was targeted at:

  • Supporting the renovation of premises and activities of civil organizations and chitalishta working in the social sphere;
  • Encouraging the participation of local communities in initiatives and activities focusing on overcoming the difficulties resulting from the floods;
  • Improving the access to information and services directly related to overcoming the difficulties resulting form the floods.

The supported projects represented initiatives important to the local community. They contributed directly for the solution of specific social problems or local needs caused by the floods. The activities were implemented by local organisations, in most cases with the active participation of the community in the form of voluntary work. The programme ended at the end of 2007.


Last news

Chitalishte “New Life”, village of Gorni Lom

The project focused on a thorough research of spring customs in the village (among them Easter and St. George’s day) and aimed at preserving and enriching the living heritage of the Torlacks (the people from the region. The activities included forming a group of students from Hristo Botev school who supported by their teacher in Bulgarian language and literature carried out the research among the local people. They visited the homes of the elderly people who shared with them their memories and knowledge about the customs celebration in the past. After that with their teacher the students edited the stories and published them in separate leaflets which were given away to the guests at the celebrations.

For each custom we developed a script based on the information gathered by the students and organized a performances which were part the celebrations.

Invitation were designed and sent out to the people from the village and from the neighbouring villages. The Easter celebrations were organized in partnership with our colleagues from two other villages. Exhibitions of traditional crafts and special culinary bazaars were also organized. As part of the project we made a film for the daily life of the people in the village.

As a result of the project the traditional customs and folklore and local crafts were popularized and the interest of the people from the village towards them is growing all the time.

Chitalishte New Life 
62 Parva str
3960 Village of Gorni Lom
Chuprene Municipality, Vidin Region

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