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Marketplace is an instrument for mutually beneficiary cooperation between the profit and the non-profit organisations for the benefit of the society. The Marketplace is an event that is organised once or a few times a year to encourage and enable effective cooperation between business and civil organisations taking in account the interests and the opportunities of both sectors. The needs and the interests of local business and civil organisations “meet” in informal and dynamic environment. Find out morе.

Last news

Tulip Foundation shared The Marketplace model with EU partners.

The autumn meeting of the Regional Foundations Network took place on 6 October at the European Foundation Centre. Interesting and fruitful discussions brought together representatives of foundations from various parts of the continent. Sharing experience and practical work the participant realised that they share many common aims and concerns. 

A recent publication of EFC “Regional foundations on the map: projects and lessons learned” features successful stories of foundations and their work. Tulip Foundations’ programme Marketplace is presented along with stories from Belgium, Netherlands. The UK, Spain, Norway, France, Italy etc. 

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