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Project of the Month presents various successful projects realised by local civil organisations all around the country with the financial support of Tulip Foundation.

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Chitalishte „Vasil Hristov – 1927”, Ruptsi Village, Cherven Briag Municipality

The aim of our project was to create a centre for older people and the youth in Ruptsi village which would environment for communication between generations, widening the social contacts, organizing various activities, meetings and conversations. 

After the renovation of an appropriate premise in the Chitalishte building the Day centre was set up. It is open for everyone from the village who is interested regardless age, sex, ethnic background and interest. Older people were offered computer and internet trainings. The training sessions were organized with the support of the young volunteers and attended by some 30 people. For less than a year in total 9 lectures, 5 competitions and 3 exhibitions, 2 theatric productions were organized in the Day centre. People who want to use the computers and play table-tennis were more than the centre could accommodate daily. The people from the neighboring village are interested to visit the centre as there is no community centre there.

In future we will focus our efforts on maintaining the everyday activities in the Day centre based on the financial recourses of Chitalishte “Vasil Hristov – 1927” and the volunteer work of people from Ruptsi village in the future. By the end of October a charity concert will be organized and the collected funds will be used for the activities at the Day centre. The operation of the centre will continue on a daily base as it is the place where we continue to organize all celebrations and events of the community. We are planning to provide one permanent job at the Centre and all the respective documents have been submitted to the Employment office. 

For us this is a project based on an innovative method for overcoming the social isolation of older people in small settlement. We will therefore continue to promote our activities and to attract new partners. 

Chitalishte „Vasil Hristov – 1927”
Aneta Arhangelova 
51 Georgi Dimitrov street 
5994 Ruptsi village 
Cherven briag municipality 
Pleven region 
Tel. +359 878 179 571  

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