2022 Annual Meeting of the European FGC Network
Human towers and family circles

Members of the European FGC Network from various countries came together in Vic, Catalonia, in the last days of September. It was exciting and very busy meeting after many moths of only virtual talks and meetings. And we all had so much to exchange, to discuss, to plan, to share… that the meeting days and the evenings were not enough.

We began with community stories from Catalonia – the Human Value story of the local partners from Castell-Platja d'Aro and La Colla Cuidadora. We talked about the impact of FGC on the social system, the next generation of teams, youth conferences and youth circles, emergency FGC, divorce and child’s participation, quality assurance, FGC as a personal choice v/s quick easy solutions, the Lifelong links model and other topics of common interest in parallel Open Space sessions.

We had fascinating time listening and learning about Castellers (human towers) - centuries old Catalan tradition. During the practical session and the rehearsal, we found out how much building a human tower is connected with the concept of bringing together the family group to make together a plan. We built our Casteller with shared efforts and unforgettable emotions. The meeting ended with a closing circle and traditional Catalan Dance Sardana.

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