European Day of Solidarity between Generations, 29 April 2021
With great challenge comes the great solidarity!

As social gatherings are restricted and we keep physical distance to protect other people, we believe that 29 April is a good opportunity to remind yourself the importance of solidarity and responsibility between generations – today more than ever. Our daily life is different, we meet less people, we spend loner time in front of screens. And still we need our people.

Tulip Foundation launches the traditional spring campaign for the European Day of Solidarity between Generations. We started this initiative 12 years ago when the date 29 April was dedicated to the connection between people from different generations.

We discover and learn about the world through our parents and grandparents, teachers, coaches and lecturers, friends and colleagues. That’s what we pass on to our children, grandchildren, students. Solidarity between generations has many forms, but the sense is one and the same - to live well together, as we share with others what we know and can, and to rely on them for what we still don’t know and are not able.

The aim this spring is to encourage human connection of people from all ages and to bring the attention of the society on the importance of continuity, understanding, respect and solidarity.

Join us! You don’t have to bring people on the same place – a good appeal for a call, greetings, card, spring flowers, coloured eggs or a song would remind many people aged 3 to 103 to connect with family members, friends, colleagues, partners, students, teachers.

Let’s together be a part of the European Day of Solidarity between Generations - 29 April 2021!

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