A Joint Initiative between Tulip Foundation and Vivacom for Providing Technical Support for Civil Organisations Working in Social Sphere
Tulip Foundation temporary ceases the application process for technical support for civil organisations in the frame of the joint initiative with Vivacom from 7 August 2010.

Since the beginning of the initiative in April this year till this moment more then 200 applications for computers and other office equipment have been received from civil organisations from around the country. Some applications are still in the pipeline, others have been approved or declined. The first organisations received the computer systems they needed. In the assessment process a priority is given to organisations, which do not have computers; those in small and remote settlements with limited access to information; organisations that provide open access to the computer systems for the local community and concrete target groups. The supported organisations are announced on the Internet of Tulip Foundation. 

The programme will be reopened as soon as this is possible. 

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