A family is a team!
15 May - International Day of Families

We all come from families. And every family is different. But equality starts at home as family is a team. Every family member has a unique place and role. Every member can contribute to the wellbeing of the family.

This year the slogan for the International Day of Families on 15 May is „Work - Life Balance“. We decided to mark the day with the message „A family is a Team!“ of the #FamilyTeamWork campaign. With the partners COFACE Families Europe and MenEngage we aim to provoke more children, parents and families to think about sharing domestic work and care for family members.

Each family has a free choice. There is no strict way for organising the family life at home. Still good planning, flexibility and communication are necessary for pleasant everyday life with no underestimation and overload. Our aim is to provoke a look at the family as a team and to stimulate a conversation among parents and children from all generations about sharing the house work and the decisions in the family.

Have a look at our Family Bingo cards. They are developed by COFACE and MenEngage Eastern Europe & Central Asia and adapted for Bulgaria by Tulip Foundation with the aim to stimulate a fun conversation for a balanced division of domestic tasks. Make your own bingo and share it with friends and relatives. The cards help to agree on a list and division and tasks so that everyone in involved according to one’s age and skills.

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