EngAIGers supported and visited local voluntary initiatives, October 2016
The EngAIGers Club and Tulip Foundation launching a campaign in support to local volunteer initiatives aimed at raising awareness among young people from small settlements about high speeds, safe driving, safety on the roads, respect and care for others and realization of a local volunteer initiative for the children and the older people in the settlement.

The campaign was oriented mostly toward young people interested in motors, high speed, strong emotions, but who have not yet developed understanding for responsibility, safety and respect for others on the road and in life.

The initiatives took place in small settlements where opportunities for social life are limited and the young people sometimes drive to a neighbouring town to go to disco or club thus putting themselves or their friends and other people at a risk. The idea is to engage them in initiatives that they plan and implement so to be of support to others, to demonstrate knowledge, attitude and skills.

The EngAIGers selected a few projects that were supported with the raised funds. They visited two of these during October. On 9 October they met children and young people at Educational Centre for Health and Social Development in Kustendil. Engaged in various games the children and the youth got to know the rules for safety on the road and the need of smart and responsible driving.

The motor riders traveled to Kliment and Voiniagovo villages in Karlovo municipality on 15 October. Youth and Civil Initiatives in the Rose Valley Association organised a meeting with lecture for the local youth – motor riders, bicycle riders and children. They all engaged in a competition and games.

The board of Chitalishte “Liberation - 1884“ and the volunteers in Sheinovo village, Kazanluk municipality  decided to bring in one the Christmas celebration of the Chitalishte and the charity initiative under the heading “Miracles happen on Christmas”.  Using the grant funds from Tulip Foundation the youth high speed lovers together with the team of the Chitalishte cooked and delivered hot meal to 100 poor people.

We invite those who are also passionate about motors, high speed, adventures and believe that safety, responsibility and respect to other on the road and in life matter to support the campaign by making a donation on http://www.tulipfoundation.net/en/donate/

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