European FGC network annual meeting
What could be more motivating and enriching than meetings and talks with people with shared values?

During this different year we all did new things, and many of the usual things we did differently.  The members of the European network for family group conferencing meet annually in different cities and countries for 18 years. This autumn we met in ZOOM. We were colleagues with various professional experience from 20 different countries with a common believe that the family is the best place for finding a solution for its members regardless their age or difficulties.  As we know that every family is different.

During the morning hours of the week from 9 to 13 November 2020 we shared news and talked about creative ways for working in pandemic restrictions, the possibility and the ways to organise a hybrid meeting of the family, the participation of children in the decision making in the family. During 17 parallel Open Space sessions over two days we followed interesting presentations on the Live Long Links (LLL) programme, the family group conference as a right, practical experience with refugee families, practices in applying the approach to support older people in various countries. The themes about shame as a factor in working with families and the development of FGC approach in Europe provoked lively discussions. The European Friday story is the idea that motivated all participants to get involved in the coming months.

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