European FGC network summer meeting June 2021.
Sharing updates and experience with partners is a proven best practice for development.

Tulip Foundation hosted the summer online meeting of the members of the European FGC network on 16 and 17 June. The meeting started with a brief update on recent developments in the presented countries. Participants from Belgium, France, Czeck Republic, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Germany, England, Spain, Switzerland, Israel and others discussed various topics of interest in Open space sessions. These include shame and its influence / impact in the FGC process; recent experience with the main subjects of the FGC´s and possible change of concerns due to Corona; FGC in case of risk and fear of change.

After a discussion during the meeting a draft position on the FGC in times of pandemic was send to all the members and was later adopted. Covid-19 pandemic once more demonstrated that in crisis people turn to other people for support. Great examples of human connectedness and practical help not just for family members, but also friends, neighbours, colleagues were seen across Europe. At the European Family and Community Conferences Network of professional organisations form twenty countries, we know that people are willing and able to come together in a structured way and find solutions. In our daily work with thousands FCC we experience the powerful strengths, expertise, willingness and ability of families/communities to make plans, solve different problems. Independent studies show sustainable results and effectiveness in social integration, poverty, health, child care, education, employment, disabilities, social inclusion of older people, mental care, (domestic) violence, justice, drug or alcohol abuse, communities. The FCC method works regardless culture, language, educational level. It is an old, yet innovative instrument that can contribute substantially to a fair and resilient Europe based on solidarity and practical responsibility of its citizens. Based on extensive practice across Europe and scientific findings the network invites stakeholders across Europe and beyond to foster this model for social inclusion and combating poverty in the current crisis and its aftermath.

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