Trust in the Family Changes Lives of People
Tulip Foundation launches a programme to support local organisations that work with children and families for preparation of family group conferences.

These organisations have been trained and have accepted the “Family Group Conferences: Principles and practical guidelines” document. They work with skillful independent coordinators. The team of Tulip Foundation will provide them with grants, opportunities for exchange of experience with colleagues from Bulgaria and Europe, additional trainings, information and advice.

Our partners and we share the belief that Trust in the family has the power to change lives of people. If you donate 200 BGN, you can help partially and for a short time, but you cannot change the life of a child or a family. If you invest 200 BGN in a Family Group Conference for the same family, you can help them to make their own plan, to mobilise support and improve sustainably their children’s lives for many years ahead.

Support us now!

We will match every single donation and our partners in the country will help tens of families to make their plans and to provide good care for their children!

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