Multiplier Event and Meeting under GrandExperts Project in Dublin
Multiplier event and team meeting under GrandExperts project took place in Dublin on 11 and 12 July 2019.

The GrandExpertS Erasmus + project took centre stage on the All Hallows campus of Dublin City University on Thursday 11th July 2019. GrandExperts  helps to empower older adults with specific knowledge and experience to develop digital learning content by themselves and to share it with their peers. The Lord Mayor of Dublin attended the GrandExperts event, and spoke of the importance of valuing older people’s experience, and he highlighted the fact that Dublin is an age-friendly city. The event saw four Irish Grandexperts present their online modules, as well as presentation of other experts by the European partners from Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and Bulgaria. This event was well attended, by members of organisations in the field of ageing and education, as well as interested seniors. 

On the next day we had our last GrandExperts team meeting during which we discussed the current project stage and we planned our final actions and activities before the end of the project in November this year. 

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