Trainings for older people in the frame of GrandExperts programme
Older people from Ruse, Dolni Vadin village, Trud village and Sofia participated in trainings for Grand Experts on how to create online modules for other people.

During the last days of January and the beginning of February Miroslava Georgieva started a series of trainings for older people in various places. The aim is to get them to understand the technology of online learning and the basis of methodologies and techniques for online teaching.

They will be supported to create their own online teaching modules on subjects and areas that they know well and have experience. Thus they will be able to describe and share with other people their skills and expertise.

The trainings were organised in partnership with our local partners – Third Age Foundation in Ruse, “Saznanie-1927” Chitalishte in Dolni Vadin village, “Svetlina-1929” Chitalishte in Trud village and Knowledge Association and Donka Paprikova Charity Association in Sofia. We thank our colleagues for the cooperation. We are very much satisfied with the number of older experts who took part in the trainings and were very motivated.

The Grand Experts programme is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the EU.

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