Father’s Day 2019
To be a father is joy and pride! To be a father is a responsibility!

It is already a tradition in Sofia to mark the day in partnership with Sofia Municipality on Alexander Nevski square.  This year again on father’s Sunday with the exceptional support of Sofia City Fire Brigade Directorate and Sofia City Police Directorate we organised demonstration of fire brigade trucks, police cars and motors, equestrian police and friendly conversations with firemen and police men. Hundreds of children from all ages and their fathers, big brothers, grandfathers and uncles took pictures with police and fire brigade equipment and explored trucks and motors on 16 June 2019.

With Sofia City Library we continued the good tradition to organise public reading. Numerous children, fathers and readers of the library get together at the monument of father and son Slaveikov  on the renovated square. The actor Dimitar Velkov read a verse by Petko Slaveikov and the poem “My Father in Me” by Pencho Slaveikov dedicated to his father. Prof. Mikhail Nedelchev told about Slaveikovi and read the poem „My son“ by Stamen Panchev. Iordan Eftimov and Angel Igov spoke with the children and read their poems. Haigashot Agasian presented his new song „The country of the Good“. Young students recited poems.

Our partners from around the country were involved with interesting events. The colleagues from Samaritans Association organised competition with paper planes made by children and their fathers, grandfathers, big brothers and uncles in the park of Kalitinovo village in front of the #КъщатаНаСемействотИОбщността The special challenge was that each father played in a team with his child/ children.

The NGO Club in Targovishte marked the day with the motto "To be a father" in nature with plenty of games and entertainments, friends and supporters. The event was based on the understanding that a strong and good connection with the father helps children to be more self-confident, balanced and successful in their lives.

The three centres of HESED in Sofia celebrated Father’s Day as a day dedicated to fatherhood and parenting of men. Children in Faculteta and Filipovchi neighbourhoods made cards for their fathers each one with a personal message. An informational campaign about the important role of fathers, grandfathers, uncles and big brothers also took place among the community.

On the occasion of Father’s Day Future for Children Association organised the first initiative in the newly renovated yard of the centre. Enthusiastic fathers and grandfathers got actively involved in games for skills, strength and speed. They nail small nails and made wooden boxes for flowers. Others painted the new fence. The work with the paints was very emotional and at the end of the day not just the fence but also some children and their clothing were painted in colours.

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