In the frame of the To Be a Father national campaign
During the upcoming Father’s Week we will celebrate the important connection between children and fathers, grandfathers, uncles, teachers and other significant for children men

This year again Tulip Foundation will be active in the already traditional Father’s Week. From 5 to 11 November we will mark the role of fathers and other men from the family circle. The week is part of the To Be a Father national campaign aimed at even handed participation of men in lives of children from a very early age.

We know that the good connection between father and child is important for child’s emotional and social development. It helps the child to be self-confident, to build stable relations with mates, friends and at a later stage with partners; to be successful in education and finding a job. Various researches over the last years give us prove that the connection father – child is crucially important for the mental health of children when they grow up.

To include and celebrate fathers and other significant men in the whole of the country we invite partners, colleagues and friends to get involved with their own initiative or event in their place. A happening that is based on and encourages quality time and communication between fathers and children.

This year we suggest the theme „Real chef“ for Father’s Week. The idea is to bring the attention of fathers, grandfathers and other men to their role for creation of healthy food and healthy life habits. Each organisation will decide for itself what event it is going to organise, where and when it will happen and if it will follow the suggested theme or use another one.

We already know from experience that various events with the participation of fathers and grandfathers attracts attention – cooking or baking bread together, special initiative for communication, games indoor or outdoor, competitions, open door days. You know best what initiative is the most relevant. You may also think of involving children, fathers and families that you work with in the very organisation. Their participation is a guarantee for interesting happening.

Write to us what event are you organisaing at Write to us also if you need information, ideas, advice, and materials.

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