To be a father is a joy and a pride! To be a father is a responsibility!
Father’s Day 2020

For Father’s Day on 21 June this year with our partners in the To Be a Father Campaign we selected an online challange - “The connection is important” through three essential Scouts knots.

Everything that is needed are two ropes for a father and a child. The links below will take you to short videos presenting the scout knots tying by Vasil Andreev, deputy Chair of the National Scout Organisation of Bulgaria.

The Knot of Friendship, the Knot of the Leader and the Knot of Savior are not just a challenge but also messages for the role of fathers.

The Father’s Day is a good opportunity to organise all kinds of different initiatives and events to encourage the strong connection between fathers and children.

Because your greatest power is To Be a Father!

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