Of NGOs and people
Why is my organisation important for the people?

NGOs work in Bulgaria for many various causes – cultural, social, educational, health.  During this different year they successfully proved their words with actions. The competition for an essay Why is my organisation important for the people? Is a challenge and encouragement for them to tell about their work to people (especially those with and for whom they work), the donors, the volunteers, other organisations, media, society... 

In partnership with the Bulgarian NGO’s Information Portal we organise the competition annually. This year we received 21 essays from different parts of Bulgaria with stories about protection of animals, support for children and families, youth activities, education, local development, activities with children, community clubs. The selection was made by Victoria Blajeva, First Voce Prescient and Head of Department Communications at UniCredit Bulbank and Marin Bodakov, a poet and a lecturer at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski. They assessed the essays according to the previously announced criteria - human language of writing, clear and easy to understand presentation of the organisation and its importance for the people and interesting and moving narrative.

Victoria Blajeva shared „This year we read many moving stories, but Hope in a Shell is a special essay. Excellent work, Iva Lalovska! You moved my imagination, you turned me into a turtle which goes through an adventure, I survived and was free again. Let me also congratulate Alexander Milanov and the Foster Care Association as his essay transformed me into 4 years old Krisi. I will use the end of his story to wish you that many nobody’s children, nobody’s turtles, nobody’s people in trouble become somebody’s so to live long with dignity! Thank you for the light! Not only the NGO sector but all of us need it more than ever. Be healthy!”

Marin Bodakov agrees that „Together is Wonderful“: „Last months have been very strange. We live in Teams, Skype, Google and accept that this is a given reality. But many people live without the digital world. There are people who live in remote villages, even without public transport. And these people also need attention, solidarity, justice. The team of Centre Maria in Gorna Oriahovtsa are there to provide psychological support, meet with families with many children, bring people who need help together and connect the islands into archipelagos. I congratulate Centre Maria for the wonderful story and I send my cordial greeting to Zayo!“

These two essays receive the award „Of NGOs and People“ 2020. The organisations receive certificates and a small grant.

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