Of NGOs and people?
Why is my organisation important for the people?

An invisible virus turned our everyday life upside down and made us realise how connected and vulnerable are we, the people. We felt how important other people around us are in uncertain and uneasy moments. We found out how important each of us could be for the others. The pandemic, like a giant magnifying glass showed various problems. It also showed up the people and the organisations that were at their right place in the right moment.

As civil organisations we work every day for different causes – cultural, social, educational, health. This spring many of us were the first who faced the urgent needs of thousands of children, families, older people. It is important that the society trusts us and supports us, so that we are able to do even more for more people.

We have our mission and our values on the Internet page. We publish information about our goals, activities and projects. It this enough? Does it matter what we have learned and in what we have become better? Is it important to tell about the new elements in our work and what we have changed? Are these questions connected? Are they important?

Tulip Foundation and the Bulgarian NGO’s Information Portal announce for a sixth year the competition for a short essay „Why is my organisation important for the people?”.

The competition is open for all civil organisations. Our aim is to challenge and encourage our colleagues to use human language in communicating with people (especially those with and for whom they work), the donors, the volunteers, other organisations, media, society...

Tell us

why is your organisation important for the people in not more than a page. Try not to use professional jargon, specific terms and foreignisms. Please, send your essay to mgeorgieva@tulipfoundation.net by 19 October 2020 and indicate the name of the author, the organisation and the contact information.

Jury of professional writing people (journalists, writers, artists) will select the best essays according to three criteria:

  • human language of writing;
  • clear and easy to understand presentation of the organisation and its importance for the people;
  • interesting and moving narrative.

The best essays will be awarded with a special grant and wide public presentation.

The awards will be publically announced in early November 2020.

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