Of NGOs and People
Why is my organisation important for the people?

The awards in the competition for an essay Of NGOs and People were announced on 28 November 2018 in the celebration Hall of the House of the Architects. It was organised by Tulip Foundation and the Information Portal of Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs) in Bulgaria for a fourth year. The aim is to encourage non-governmental organisations to use simple and understandable language when telling about themselves to the people they work with and for, organisations, media, donors, volunteers, the society.

The participating organisations presented their short texts answering “Why is my organisation important for the people?”. The expectation was not to use professional jargon, special terms and foreign words. The selection was made based on three criteria: human language of writing; clear and easy to understand  presentation of the organisation and its importance for the people and interesting and moving narrative.

Members of the Jury this year were Victoria Blajeva, Head of Department Public Relations and Corporate Communications at UniCredit Bulbank; Marin Bodakov, a poet, a lecturer at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski and an editor at K newspaper and Georgi Angelov, a journalist, a translator and a TV presenter at  History.bg at the Bulgarian National Television.

The best essays were presented by the Bulgarian Association of Adopted People and Adoptive Parents with authors Todorka Georgieva and Velichka Dosheva and Life with Down Syndrome Foundation with author Silvena Hristova. The awarded organisations received certificates and checks for 500 BGN. The awards were handled at the end of a meeting and a conversation with the members of the Jury and representatives of civil organisations that took part in the competition.

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