Working Meeting, Support for Children and Families Aimed at Prevention of Institutionalisation of Children Programme, Sofia, 25 – 26 February 2010
Tulip Foundation organised a working meeting for representatives of civil organisation funded in the frame of the partnership programme with Oak Foundation for support for children and families aimed at prevention of institutionalisation of children.

The meeting took place in Sofia on 25 and 26 February 2010 with the support of FairPlay International. 

The aim of working meeting and training sessions was to bring together the representatives of different organisations from different places so that they get to know each other, learn more about the various projects and lay the basis for an exchange of ideas and practices. Marking the fundamental principles for safety of children, community based work and creation and development of networks were core themes in the programme. The speakers were representatives of civil organisations with a serous practical experience in the respective field. 

Danny Koleva spoke about the development of partnership network for prevention of abandonment and placement of children in social institutions in the Municipality of Stara Zagora in the frame of ARK project. 

Georgi Bogdanov presented the National Network for Children and its position for a more effective policy for children and families in Bulgaria. 

Desislava Gergieva and Valentin Georgiev from the Bulgarian Association for Family Planning and Reproductive Health talked about the activities of the association on a local level – from mobile services to modules on health education. 

Stefan Yordanov, coordinator at the Centre for Inclusive Education presented the main policies, procedures and standards for safety of children. The theme provoked number of questions and comments. 

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