Training on early childhood development for the teams of Sure Start Family Houses on 22-23 July 2019 at Karin Dom Foundation
Ongoing support for the teams of the organisations involved in Sure Start programme in Bulgaria.

The themes for the training included early childhood development, some markers for pathology, ways and approaches for effective communication with parents. The training was led by specialists with a long-term experience in the field – Zvezdelina Atanasova, Nikoleta Ioncheva and Andreas Andreu from Karin Dom Foundation in Varna.

The ground for the two days session was the understanding for the exclusively important role of the family for the development of the child. The colleagues went together through the stages of early childhood development and some markers for pathology. They spoke about cognitive development, play, language development, social behavior of children in young age and care for oneself. They raised numerous questions and comments on concrete cases. Important theme was “We and the family”. At the end of the training the participants discussed together ideas for support for families with young children.

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