Informational meeting for the organisations invited to present a full project proposal in the frame of Power of Family and Community Programme.
The power of family and community is in their abilities to ensure conditions for full development to their children.

The organisations working on their full project proposals in the frame of Power of Family and Community Programme were invited to an informational meeting in Sofia on 21 February 2020. The meeting took place at Retro Coffee with the special support of Regional History Museum - Sofia. In the light and cozy atmosphere of the museum the team of Tulip Foundation presented the application form and detailed technical information. The team answered in details the numerous questions about cofounding, reporting, additional support.

The second half of the meeting was useful for the organisations that are interested in the Sure Start Programme. The team of the Foundation presented the programme in its history, development in various countries, principles and standards, the development in Bulgaria. The meeting continued with a conversation about the importance of prevention work and the participation of parents in the lives of children.

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