Preliminary working meeting in the frame of The Power of Family and Community Programme for introducing the principles, the standards and the way the Sure Start Programme works took place in Kazanluk.
Introduction to the principles and the standards of Sure Start Programme for new organisations that are joining the programme.

The working meeting took place on 21 and 22 July 2020 with the participation of representatives of Future for Krepost Association, Youth and Civil Initiatives in the Rose Valley Association Karlovo, Health and Social Development Foundation Kustendil, that will be funded in the frame of the programme in order to develop the universal service Sure Start Family Centre and Centre Maria in Gorna Oriahovitsa. It was organised with the support of the local Association Future for Children at the Complex for Social Services for Children and Families in Kazanluk. The concept was to assist the colleagues to get to know the model of the universal service on the spot and to see how a family centre functions.

The hosts presented to the participants the daily work at the Sure Start Centre and the local team in Gorno Cherkovichte, the mothers and the children who spend time there. The participants went over the house and learned from the mothers and a few fathers about their needs and expectations in informal conversation. The Mayor of the village Anton Antonov welcomed the whole group and presented his vision about the opportunities for an early childhood development programme for all children and families in the village.

The meeting continued with a detailed presentation of the Sure Start Programme – standards, principles, aims, context, activities and expected results. The representatives of the different organisations worked in small groups on defining aims and results; effect, impact and measurement of impact; identification of indicators and sources of information. The work was accompanied by discussions and sharing of opinions and suggestions about the defined topics.

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